Resort Facilities

Few people have the opportunity to truly experience the ‘wonder’ of authentic Khmer culture, hospitality and service. You are welcomed and treated with personalized attention just as if you were entering your own manor home with an intimate and secure ambience. La Passion by Achariyak is your gateway to an idyllic island of natural wonders. 


Infinity Swimming Pool

Not that you’re likely to ever get tired of swimming in the gentle waters of Saracen Bay, but it’s nice to get a change of perspective -perhaps by enjoying the view of the bay from the edge of our seaside infinity pool. Otherwise, our 1.5 meter-deep pool doubles as a classroom for aspiring SCUBA divers; get certified at the resort and then move from the pool back to the underwater world that awaits you straight out to sea.
Operation Hours: 8:00am - 7:00pm
LPBA Swimming Time 3 1
LPBA Scuba Diving 3 1
LPBA Paddle Boarding 2 1
LPBA Paddle Boarding 1 1

Dive Centre

Koh Rong Sanloem offers active outdoor experiences in the tropical jungle and both above and below the crystal clear sea. The calm and gentle waters of Saracen Bay are ideal for learning to paddle a stand-up surfboard or kayak. Those looking to explore this underwater world should visit the Dive Center, where our professional instructors and world-class equipment are awaiting both novice and expert watermen and women. Beyond the sea, there are a number of hiking trails around the island: to other beaches and bays and even a lighthouse lookout!