Our Story

When passion is the driving force behind your dream, anything is possible

Cambodia is known as the ‘Land of Wonder’ – or ‘Achariyak’ for good reason. It’s a place that attracts people from all over the world, who admire the country for its remarkable beauty. But it is also a destination that inspires curiosity and the need to explore and understand the unfamiliar.

The concept of wonder or ‘Achariyak’ is the inspiration behind La Passion – a destination that captures the essence of the Khmer people and invites you to share in its wonders. For us at the Achariyak Hospitality, creating La Passion was about being true to ourselves and our values. We were driven by our desire to empower others to find their passion in a place that holds a special connection for us. La Passion is the realisation of a vision and the fulfilment of a longing to share that vision with likeminded individuals.

Few people have the opportunity to truly experience the ‘wonder’ of authentic Khmer culture, hospitality and service.

We didn’t set out to just build a beach resort. Our mission was and remains to reinvent the Cambodian hotel experience and to set new standards in authentic Khmer hospitality and service. La Passion is an investment in the future of the Cambodian tourism industry – an example of what hotels should and could be, given the right motivation and resolve.

The beauty of passionate sustainability

Limiting our environmental footprint is the single most important factor that determines our direction. At La Passion, we’re proud of the way we focus our efforts on leaving the land untouched and restoring as a means of preserving.

Through our nurturing of the local community and its resources, we have built La Passion from the ground up with sustainability in mind.

More than a resort, La Passion is a destination that has incorporated vision-led decisions in every aspect of its design. From solar power and grey water storage to organic farming and building its own sustainable laundry to minimise wastage for itself and other properties. Each choice has been made in a thoughtful and compassionate way.

Surrounded by jungle, La Passion has kept a deliberately small footprint, banned the use of plastics, replanted any trees that it had to remove and invested in irrigation, sewerage and energy efficiency processes both during the building and operational phases La Passion is the first of what will be a small number of hotels that Achariyak Hospitality will create over the next decade. In each case, the property’s design and layout will be dictated by its natural surroundings and immersed into the native ecosystem to ensure wildlife and plant life aren’t impacted.

The Achariyak Hospitality represents true sustainability in action and a new generation of thoughtful Cambodian hotels.

Investing in our people and communities

The Achariyak Hospitality is proud of its Khmer identity and strives to retain its cultural foundation in every project. Theirs is inspired leadership, influenced by ethical values and the desire to elevate hospitality standards in Cambodia.

To deliver truly exceptional service, well above its designated star-rating, La Passion continually invests in its people. Teams are respected and recognised for their contribution every day. From on-the-job training to secondments and language classes to upskilling opportunities, each team member is given the opportunity to grow their hospitality career and reach their potential.